Thursday, 20 October 2016

Our favourite foods

As part of our current focus on 'All about Me' we were encouraged to bring in and share our favourite healthy foods.
We had a lovely time sharing our favourite snacks with our friends and had the opportunity to taste lots of new and exciting foods - how yummy!!

A visit from Spiderman!

Well hello Spiderman!!
We loved having you visit our class today!

Naughty numbers

We have been learning to count with our numbers in the correct sequence.
We tried hard to place our number cards in the correct order to make our very own number lines. 
Miss Smoothy was very cheeky and kept pinching number cards from our number lines - we had to work hard to identify which numbers were missing!
We were superstars with our numbers today!

The Rainbow Fish

We have shared the story of  'The Rainbow Fish'.
We thought carefully about how the Rainbow Fish learnt to share his special, shiny scales with his friends.
We worked together to make a large Rainbow Fish to go on display in our classroom.
Isn't it fantastic??

Hilly Billy Hedgehog

We have been learning the rhyme 'Hilly Billy Hedgehog!'
We used our hand prints to make Hilly Billy Hedgehog head bands!!

Autumn Crowns

We have been thinking about Autumn and have been learning about the changes that occur when Autumn arrives.
We collected Autumn treasures and used them to decorate Autumn crowns.
Doesn't Olivia look fantastic in hers?